Tax compliance and tax planning

Tax Services

Compliance with tax reporting requirements for businesses gets more complex each year. Meeting your ATO obligations can shift your focus from running the company, which can greatly affect business performance.

Engaging the help of an expert accountant can make a world of difference to business performance. Owners and directors get the confidence that your business is meeting its tax compliance obligations, freeing you to focus on what you do best.

In addition to tax compliance and reporting, and tax planning, other key services offered by our Chosen Accountants include:

  • – Structuring advice: to ensure you maximise asset protection as well as tax-effectiveness
  • – Strategic planning: to align your business and tax activities with your long term strategic intent
  • – Profit improvement strategies: to ensure your tax and business planning activities support your overall profit improvement objectives

The Chosen Accountant can recommend a trusted local accountant that can help your business grow. Our long-term working relationships with accountants across Australia are built on professionalism, technical expertise and trust – so we can recommend them with confidence.


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Choose with confidence

The Chosen Accountant takes away the uncertainty of finding a trusted local accounting firm. Our connections with leading accounting practices means you can trust our referrals to make a huge difference to your business’ success.

  • – Stop dealing with administrative issues and refocus on increasing sales and growing your business
  • – Ensure your organisation satisfies its ATO tax compliance obligations
  • – Reduce the stress of running your business, and free up time to do what you love doing