Payroll Services

Payroll Services

Recent legislative changes such as single touch payroll further add to the administrative burden of managing your payroll function.

There is constant pressure to comply with reporting and deadline requirements in addition to ensuring your staff are paid on time and correctly. Directors can get bogged down in admin when they should be focused on executing the strategic plans that will drive growth.

We can alleviate your stress by connecting you to qualified, reputable payroll specialists who will ensure you remain compliant, and who can manage ATO issues on your behalf.


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Accurate and timely

Complexity and compliance requirements make payroll a high risk function for most businesses. Missed deadlines or inaccurate reporting can result in significant financial penalties that can cause serious cash flow problems. Businesses that were  thriving can quickly face financial distress.

The ATO’s continually-expanding resources and stricter enforcement approach mean more and more companies will come under the spotlight. The Chosen Accountant can connect you with payroll specialists focused on accuracy and timeliness, so you can avoid issues with the ATO and ensure your staff are paid the right amount at the right time.