Corporate Tax

Corporate Tax

Australia’s complex and ever-changing corporate tax environment makes it challenging to ensure you are doing the right thing for your business. Directors also face heavy financial and other penalties for non-compliance.

Directors cannot rely on tax incentives for your business to thrive. You need to manage your company’s tax risk, and be aware of the implications of any proposed changes.

The ATO are seeking to limit aggressive tax planning, and the potential sanctions are significant.


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The Chosen Accountant has ongoing business relationships with professional, proactive accountants in your area, across multiple industries. We can connect you with an adviser who understands the complex tax system and how it affects your industry.

Having a trusted partner to maximise your company’s tax opportunities in line with your commercial goals, and provide structuring, strategic planning and profit improvement strategies, can significantly boost your business’ prospects. We can align you with tailored advice from a professional who will engage with the ATO on your behalf and ensure your company meets all compliance requirements.